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Discover the brand Inmotion France by New Walkings and its flagship models such as the first wheel with suspension, the Inmotion V11 gyrorou and its more muscular version, the V13 Challenger. The other brand of electric monowheels, Kingsong France by New Walkings also offers a version with suspension, a best-seller, the Kingsong KS-S18 (available in black or white).


On the E-scooter side, you will be spoiled for choice with a complete and evolving range, adapted to all budgets and needs. With 5 reference brands, you will necessarily find the models necessary to complete or create your offer. Browse our range of urban and comfortable Wiizzee electric scooters like the Wiizzee WS5 Max to super sporty models from Teverun the new brand of Minimotors, such as the Fighter 11, through to the formidable Tiger Pro series of dual motor scooters from Hiley Europe.


Finally, we also distribute the robot mower brand Ambrogio, a reference in the field, with cutting surfaces of 200 to 800m2


Availability and quantity are updated daily, but you always have the option to message us for confirmation. If you wish to place an order in quantity, you can also contact our sales department if you wish.



To be able to order on our site, you will need to be identified as a professional. To do this, you will first need to create an account and provide proof of a KBis and an identity card. Once the request has been sent, it will be validated by our sales department within 2 working days. Orders are shipped by carrier once payment has been received, within an average of 2 working days.


This site being reserved for professional customers, in case you are an individual you can find us on our various brand sites.

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Who are we ?

New Walkings, the trendy and connected distributor, is a dynamic company of 12 people, based in Lille and specialized in the distribution of electric mobility products. Innovative and technological brands of electric scooters and unicycles have been marketed in Europe since 2014. Among them: Inmotion, Kingsong, Wiizzee, Hiley and Teverun. But also, recently, brands of robot mowers like: Ambrogio and still others to come.

Our brands


You will find the different brands that we import and distribute: Teverun electric scooters by Minimotors and Hiley, Kingsong unicycles and scooters, Ambrogio robotic mowers, Inmotion scooters and unicycles, as well as our own brand Wiizzee..


The new pre-orders are also available for purchase, with a date that may vary slightly depending on the vagaries of transport.




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