Company history


New Walkings is starting its adventure with a new means of travel: the gyropod. With three models available: Inmotion R1Ex, Newwalkings City and Offroad.

Mainly used for warehouse security and seasonal rental.

The first New Walkings website opens for private customers.


Derived from the gyropod, the Electric Unicycle (EUC) is making its debut in Europe. New Walkings is betting on the evolution of personal daily movement with the Inmotion V3C and V3 Pro, unicycles with 2 parallel wheels for better stability.

These models, thanks to their ease of use, are winning over a large population still perplexed by the fact that this mode of transport is part of the future.

In the same year, New Walkings also offers the first Inmotion scooter: the L6.


At that time, New Walkings was the exclusive distributor of the Inmotion brand in France and Belgium and now offers these products on the website

The Inmotion brand, distributed in France by New Walkings, is now available in several shops in France.


The Unicycle Inmotion V5, a 14" wheel, has arrived on the market and New Walkings is offering a preview on its website and in the various Belgian and French shops.

This monowheel confirms the public's enthusiasm for this alternative, gentle and sustainable mode of transport.

The Inmotion brand and the New Walkings company, with their growing cohesion, are developing together a marketing agenda for the release of future products.

After the launch of Inmotion's first 16" wheel, the V8 finally established the reputation of Inmotion France by New Walkings.

It was then that New Walkings called upon the services of a rather unusual service provider, a circus acrobat.

Hirsute, alias Damien Gaumet, became an ambassador for New Walkings and developed a series of promotional and training videos for our products.


With the rise of electric mobility, New Walkings decided to launch its own brand of electric scooters : Wiizzee. The aim was to develop reliable, durable, robust and comfortable products. The brand became established, particularly in France and Belgium.

The little new ones, the Inmotion P1 and P1F mini-scooters are now also in the New Walkings range

Our various sites offer a wide variety of spare parts for our product ranges.


The Inmotion V10 and its boosted version, the V10F, are released with great fanfare in a short-lived shop in Paris, and they definitively establish New Walkings in the world of electric mobility and in the French landscape.

It is also the same year that the after-sales service is internalized by New Walkings with a 200m2 workshop to ensure the repairs and the guarantees.


That year, New Walkings offered a new type of gyropod for sale, the Inmotion E3. A hybrid between the gyropod and the Unicycle, a gyropod that is operated with the knees

Our products are also present in the mass distribution like Fnac or Amazon.


The world's first Unicycle with suspension, the iconic Inmotion V11, is launched in full containment.

It is also the European launch of the Hiley brand of urban and sporty electric scooters. First with the Maxspeed range, which establishes it, and then the Tiger Pro dual motor scooter range. The Hiley Tiger 8 Pro becomes the first powerful dual motor scooter to break the €1000 barrier.

At the same time, New Walkings obtains the authorization to import and distribute the other important brand in the field of Unicycles, Kingsong. In a few months, the brand is integrated in the catalogue, the website is launched, the products and spare parts are stocked on the French territory.


The New Walkings company is still carrying the Inmotion colours high by proposing the great novelty, the V12 Unicycle with its powerful motor, its touch screen...


This is the launch of the new brand signed Minimotors, one of the leaders of the high-end, sporty and powerful scooter, Teverun.

The range of New Walkings scooters is growing to offer a dozen models for all budgets and all performances.

Each of the brands in the New Walkings catalogue has its own website where individuals can order finished products or spare parts.


More recently, the Ambrogio brand joined the New Walkings catalogue, covering another field: that of robot mowers.

A repair workshop in the Lille metropolitan area

New Walkings is also a large stock of spare parts which allows us to cover all the brands distributed by the company.

Most of them are available on our websites as well as for our dealers. Do not hesitate to contact us if a part is temporarily unavailable so that we can give you a date of possible restocking, or if you wish to confirm the quantities.

This stock will then allow you to make repairs or aesthetic upgrades by yourself, our spare parts being shipped within 2 working days.

Moreover, New Walkings is also a repair workshop in France of 200m2 soon 600m2, with a team of technicians specifically trained on the products of our range. They can repair products from our network, under warranty or on estimate. The latter is done free of charge, and follows a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Once the repair is done, the product is tested before being shipped. It is useful to note that we cannot make an estimate at distance, without having the product in our hands.